Christmas Sweater - Dollyrots AWESOME Vintage Reissue

Christmas Sweater - Dollyrots AWESOME Vintage Reissue

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Remember this one? If you do... you know! Pulling the design out of the vaults for all the new fans because... well it's our favorite!

A classic, soft as a bunny's tail inside, pullover sweatshirt... or "jumper" for you pals over the pond.

Because of supply chain issues get these while you can! If a size is going to reprint we will put that info here. We currently have all sizes listed in stock except Large. There are none to be found in the USA. Waaaahhhh.

**Cutoff to order for USPS Christmas delivery in the US is Dec 17. The shipping deadline outside of the us is listed as December 6th. We cannot guarantee that your merch will make it for Christmas but we can promise to do our best.