About This Album

Greetings Dollyrots fans all over the Planet! It’s been a couple years since our last studio album came together, and just like the one before that… and before that… and before that… we’re doing it with YOU, our fans! Can you believe we’re already making our 7th studio album?? Totally DIY, punk rock, and with the support of our awesome fans and friends.

It’s amazing to be a band that has this much longevity and this many people that continue to love what we do. Being working musicians isn’t the most stable lifestyle but you guys make it all worth it, whether that’s on the road, in your sweet messages online, or through fan-funded projects like this. We’ve grown to count on you to allow us to make the music that makes your life just a little more awesome. It’s something we take super seriously and consider a full-on honor!

We initially launched this project on - but due to some circumstances that have come to light - have made the difficult decision to leave the platform after reaching almost 50% of our goal due to some questions regarding their stability as a company/platform. When we started that campaign half this album was written, and the other half was in bits and pieces but coming together. All the updates and content from the very start of the Pledge campaign will be available here on the Album Updates page for you to enjoy.

At the re-launch point here we have just returned from the studio with a completed album and have never been more excited and proud!  We filmed the entire recording process and plan to take you on the journey a little bit at a time to show you how it all came together. So hop in, we’re working on something we can ALL be proud of. It’s always a big task full of twists and turns but at the end of this we’ll all have something we can rock to on headphones, in our cars, or at a rock show. And be a little bit closer as humans... even if we’re just internet friends. ;)

So please check out the items on this site, and know that however you decide to interact with the making of this album we totally appreciate and love ya for it. And for those of you who have taken the extra step to migrate here from PledgeMusic... THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

With all the love and sweaty hugs,
The Dollyrots