2 New Official Videos, Yay!

Hey preorder peeps! Bet you thought we were DONE with this album project! Not so fast!

There's been a bit of radio silence the past few weeks, because we've been on tour. SO awesome seeing so many of y'all at the shows, we knew it was you because you were wearing Daydream Explosion tees from this album preorder! So awesome!! Getting to take these songs on the road might be the funnest part for us so thank you for being a part of it!

We released an official music video for "In Your Face" while on the road, hope you already saw it but if you haven't yet here you go!

 AND... if that's not enough... here's the next official video from the new album... "I Know How to Party"! It just came out today so we hope ya love it!!

Again, thanks to everyone that came out to the shows over the last couple months, if you're in Colorado be sure to be there this weekend because we're flying out for a couple awesome dates, get tix for that stuff here and either way we'll keep updating as Daydream Explosion continues to play out!!

xoox and thank you for making this all happen!!!! Let us know how you like the vids, and we'll have more surprises for ya in the next few weeks as this project wraps up officially!

-The Dollyrots



Shipping has begun!!!

Hey album preorder friends! We are SO EXCITED to let you know that we've officially begun the process of mailing your goodies out!

It's been a long road, some of y'all have been with this project since January! But we received the Daydream Explosion cds and vinyl in the mail at the end of last week, and it's all worth it because they look GORGEOUS. Check em out!

So this week we've been packing your bundles and albums up for the mail. Literally hundreds and hundreds of them, and in the end it's going to be way over a thousand. Made a trip to the post office with the 1st batch of vinyl, check out how that went! We are incredibly happy and grateful to have such massive support for this record but whooooaaahhhh this is a lot of packing and signing to do!!

So here's the bottom line....

Our plan is to have all cds, vinyl, tee shirts, posters, bundles, and other gear out to you by the middle of next week. AND you will receive the digital version next week as well. Some unique items (songs written for you, custom guitars, one-of-a-kind items) might not be ready for a little while still but we'll do our best to get it all to you asap. Hope that works for you all!!

And also know that once you receive a confirmation email it means your item has been packed and will hit the post very soon thereafter! So keep an eye on that inbox and mailbox in the coming days!

We are incredibly excited to finally be sending Daydream Explosion out to you all. You're gonna FLIP OUT when you hear it. Thanks so much for being part of this journey up to this point, and be sure to start spreading the word and wearing your gear with pride when it arrives! We're counting on y'all to show everyone out there what we've all made together! 

With all the gratitude in the World,
- The Dollyrots



The next lyric vid, check out the debut of "I Know How to Party"!

Hey preorder fans! Here's the next lyric video off Daydream Explosion, check out a PARTY song!



The first official lyric vid from the new album, here's "In Your Face"!

Hey album peeps! The finished product is happening, and here's part of the evidence!

Check out the first official lyric video to Daydream Explosion below, it's for "In Your Face" and we hope you love it! If you don't know the lyrics yet here's your chance to see em :)

We're receiving all your tees and other merch in the coming days and will start packing things up here at Dollyrots HQ! Will update when that happens, and we'll have the last couple making-of vids to ya super soon too!

So consider this a soft last call to get anything from this preorder, because once the shirts and posters are gone they're GONE :) If you have any friends or fam that are on the fence about that brand new album tee be sure to send em this way!

xoox and thank you for all the support making this album... closer and closer to the finish line now!

- The Dollyrots



TWO new tracks from the studio, "Animal" and "No Princess!"

We wrote this one the day before we cut it! One of the more intensely awesome tracks on Daydream Explosion, here's "Animal"! It's about freedom :)

And if you're a radical female you might relate to this one, here's "No Princess". She's no princess because she's a rock chick... but you make her feel like one!

Only a few more songs left to show ya, we'll be rolling those out in the coming days! Thanks for making this all happen everyone! Our fans rule :)

xoox! - The Dollyrots



Your album title, album cover, the first official vid, and HUGE NEWS!!

Time for a BIG update everyone!! Video below, or scroll down for the skinny!

It's true... your next Dollyrots album is titled... wait for it... DAYDREAM EXPLOSION!! And we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Steven Van Zandt's label Wicked Cool Records to release it! Wicked Cool is handling manufacturing and distribution for the release, they are an awesome bunch of people and they're going to help us make the most of this album. We've shied away from labels on the last several releases but our experiences partnering up with them on the last couple 7-inches have been totally awesome. So off we go!

Public street date is July 12th but you will receive your copies and other goodies beforehand!

Here's the artwork, hope you love it!

Ahhhndddd... here's the first official video from Daydream Explosion, for the first single "Everything"! It's made up of footage from tour filmed by our pal Jeff Mozey, who we can also thank for all the studio footage. We kidnapped him in Minneapolis and he filmed the tour experience til we flew him back a week later. It was edited by an awesome gal from Canada named Rosie Moyer, she has her own video company Mindspin Media and did a fantastic job putting it all together!

Hope you LOVE all that! And again... thank you SO much for getting on board with this album so early. It's given us the resources and ability to make what we think is the best album of our lives.

Much more coming soon! And fyi your vinyl and CDs are IN PRODUCTION so we'll have those soon!!! You'll of course get them EARLY :)

xoox - The Dollyrots



A video update from Kelly & Luis... here's where things are at folks!

Hey album peeps!!

Wanted to fill you in on where the album is, when to expect your goodies, and where we're headed from this point!

TL;DR It's mixed, mastered, and for the most part you'll be getting your stuff in the next 2 months!!

xoox & yay! K+L



Studio Footage: a dreamy one, "Naked"!

Hey there awesome album backers! Headed into the home stretch!

We're going to be dishing out these making-of studio videos fast and furiously over the next few weeks, and this one's your first chance to hear one of our favs from the bunch! Lots of synth lines and textures, and the chirping bird sounds were Kelly's idea. Kind of a Disney princess vibe ;)

So here we go... your first peak at "Naked"! Enjoy!!

 xoox - The Dollyrots


Studio Footage: the next one, "I Love You Instead"!

Hey album preorder peeps! Here's your next making-of vid, this time for the super nostalgic one ;)

We wrote this one about when we met in high school. Totally true story, and yes there was a Harvest Moon out that night. This part of the recording experience takes us deeper into the record, with a grocery store trip to try and pick up studio provisions.... along with a SUPER sweet gesture from our kids while we were away!

Check it!

 More coming soon, including ARTWORK!!!

Thanks for being awesome!! - The Dollyrots



Studio Footage: "Kat's Meow", the album version!

Happy Friday album peeps! Time for the final version of another demo from your download bundle!

This one has everything, from Kelly making cat sounds to a REALLY good glance when she says "INSANE" ;)

"Kat's Meow" was written way back in Summer of last year. It was initially written as part of an EP for our Patreon supporters, but that EP turned out so real to the direction we're headed that we decided to make it the starting point for this next record. So, as part of the instant download bundle you received with this preorder, you received that original version of this song.

We took a bunch of pieces and ideas from that demo and brought it to the studio to create what you'll hear in this making-of video. Some of the vocals changed, some of the parts changed, but the song stayed the same. It's basically a beefed up version of itself ;)

Here's the vid, hope ya dig!

Super sure a bunch of y'all are wondering where we are in terms of finalizing this album and getting your LPs, CDs, and other goodies made & sent out! So expect a video/update in the next few days where we'll fill you in on that! For now, just know that mixes are done and we're ready to approve final masters! YAY!!

Thanks for making this album happen, we love & appreciate the fact you support our art ahead of time - before it's finished!

xoox! - The Dollyrots



Studio Footage: one of our favs, "Talk Too Much"!

Hey album supporters! Here's a power poppy one for ya to preview!

We went through a couple iterations of this song before cutting it, but we settled on the first pass of lyrics... the simplest and first idea is usually the best! Check out the way "Talk Too Much" came together, it's one of our fav sing-songy tracks from the new batch of music!

If hey if you want, check out the new merch we have for the first single "Everything" in our main store. Pretty cool tee and vinyl combo!

xoox and much more coming soon! Remember.. we're making 14 of these making-of vids so we're not even halfway through yet! By the time we're done you'll practically know the whole album!!

xoox - The Dollyrots



Studio Footage: a slow ballad, "Watching the Storm Go By"

Hey Everyone!! We're BACK from tour and ready to go even deeper into this album!!

Honestly, we wrote this one in about 15 minutes. It was literally storming outside, middle of the night, and we just started riffing on this little 3 chord feel thing. A super 60's girl group moment. It's not the fastest song on the record (in fact it might be the slowest) but we feel like it's got as much impact as one of the super punky ones. Here's the making-of vid, with some insight into the harmonies and little flourishes:

Hope you love love love!

For anyone who needs an update... we JUST got back from an AMAZING tour in the USA. Thanks a ton to everyone that came out to see us rock these songs for the very first time, and hey in some cities you got to see our kid River on stage playing guitar for the very first time!!! Super special moments for us as a band and as people, thanks for being a part of it! Needless to say, more to come in the future!!

And hey! We just released the "Everything" single on 7-inch vinyl and digital. And we realized you'll already get that single as part of the album download when it's all ready! Soooooo.... if you're on the email list for these updates you're getting an  EARLY download of "Everything". Like, the full electric version. You get it now because you had faith in us and preordered this album. Thank you!!

Another update coming in a few days! Rock!

xoox, - The Dollyrots


Studio Footage: The Making of "Everything"! The first single!

It's time for you to finally hear the first song off the new album!!

We are super happy to debut the very first single, "Everything". It comes out today digitally and on 7-inch teal/splatter vinyl available and available right here in the store in both standard and autographed vinyl. For perfect timing here's the making-of video!!! With a cameo by Keyboard Cat ;)

And as a bonus to everyone that's preordered the record... check your email inbox... cause we're sending you an exclusive ACOUSTIC version of this song!

Much more to come soon y'all! And hey if we're about halfway through this current tour so if you're in our path come on out and let's get wild!

March 22 • 89th Street Collective • Oklahoma City, OK
March 23 • Bang Bang Bar • San Antonio, TX
March 24 • Three Links • Dallas, TX
March 25 • Cheer Up Charlies • Austin, TX
March 26 • Rockhouse • El Paso, TX
March 27 • Yucca Tap Room • Tempe, AZ
March 28 • Space Bar • San Diego, CA
March 29 • Slidebar • Fullerton, CA
March 30 • The Hi-Hat • Los Angeles, CA   


The Dollyrots



Studio Footage: The Making of "Last Ones on Earth"! It's a scorcher!

Hey awesome new album peeps!!

We're continuing the studio updates and decided to dish out one of the more intense ones this time! If you gave the demos included with your preorder a listen you know this one already, it's included in that bunch!

You know we always need an apocalyptic song inserted on our records somewhere, this one's got that flavor for this round :)

Hope you dig it, and more coming next week!

And... here's the BIG news... if you haven't heard it yet... we are officially releasing the first single off this new album as a 7-inch record! "Everything" is coming out on teal/orange splatter vinyl on March 22nd, and we are elated to announce that we're partnering up with our friends at Little Steven's Underground Garage who are helping us get it out to y'all! Preorder it here if you want a copy, artwork below!

As always, thanks for making this album happen! We cannot do ANY of this without you!!!

Smile smile smile,

The Dollyrots



Studio Footage: The Making of "In Your Face"!

Get ready to experience the 2nd song on your new album!

If you checked out the demos that came with your preorder you already know this song; the demo is included on the SUPER limited release Resting Happy Face EP we put out earlier this year. We were really happy with the way that version turned out, but we're even happier with the way this album track did. It's beefier, bigger, better, all those things!

Enjoy! It's a ROCKER!

More to come super soon. We're going to try and get ya another demo download before we leave for tour next week. And hey speaking of tour... please come see us if we're anywhere near your town in the coming weeks! We're traveling with our whole crew and two kids, knocking out 18 shows with hardly any days off and totally debuting new songs from the album live!!

Let's go, dates below and get tickets HERE!

More to come super soon - along with exciting release news - can you say 7 inch??!

xoox - The Dollyrots



In Studio: The Making of "Oblivious"!

Hey guys!!!!

So this is the first studio video for one song and we plan on doing ALL THE TRACKS! Yes, we are doing 14 song creation videos over the next several weeks so get ready! We are giving you a making of/sneak peek of all the songs on the album :) And of course you are getting it first! We are going in order of recording as much as we can so you can follow the creative roller coaster alongside us!

This one is “Oblivious” and we can’t wait for you to hear it....

Thanks for making this album happen, more coming super soon!!

The Dollyrots - kelly & luis



Getting to the Studio in Minneapolis!

Hey Peeps!

The album's getting mixed, mastered, and fine-tuned right now, and with all that happening we can finally catch our breaths and start getting ya the footage we took while recording! If you're a supporter of ours on Patreon you might've already seen some of this, if that's the case don't worry because there's TONS more stuff coming following this first installment. The idea is to break down the studio footage into song-by song segments which will be shown here, with Patreon vids focusing on other aspects of the band like touring and day-to-day stuff.

We'll be sending out a few more demos in the coming weeks too!

Thanks and welcome to everyone that's joined this project since the last update, we totally appreciate the support of this album and can't wait to share the final product with y'all!!!

That said, here you go, and get ready for the heavy duty recording/tracking footage to start with the first song on the next update... coming in the next few days!

xoox - The Dollyrots



Off to the races! Mixes and gratitude!

Just a quick video update for you all; we're SO excited and grateful for the amount of support this new campaign is getting! We've said it a thousand times but OUR FANS FREAKING RULE!! Now let's go get this album done!

Much more coming soon... videos, demo downloads and a totally awesome new album!!


The Dollyrots



BIG NEWS. We are LEAVING PledgeMusic.

If you're here as a previous PledgeMusic supporter you've probably already seen this vid & update, if not we're putting it here to chronicle this album's journey!

Thanks to everyone that's taken the leap to meet us here, and welcome to everyone who's finding this album project for the very first time! Below is our full statement:

Hello amazing fans and friends,

As you all know, we launched this Pledge campaign for the next album, our 7th studio album, this past December. The response has been AWESOME so far. In only a few short weeks we’re almost half-funded with over 700 Pledges. All thanks to YOU, the amazing people that support independent music. Anyone who’s been following our band over the past few years knows that this is how we create albums now: with the support of our fans and without the help of outside labels, management, or other music biz people. DIY or die!

However, while recording last week we were hit with the news that PledgeMusic hasn’t been paying their artists, and in some cases fans haven’t received the exclusives and music promised to them. You can read up on the situation with a quick google search. All due to mismanagement on the part of PledgeMusic’s former execs. Obviously we can’t move forward with our album project if there’s ANY doubt as to whether we’ll be able to fulfill everything we’ve promised to y’all.

So…. AND THIS IS THE SCARY PART…. despite all the support so many of you have shown for this next album we’ve decided to cancel the project and migrate to our own 100% DIY platform.

Yes, this means ALL Pledges will be cancelled when we officially hit the “cancel project” button. This will happen in the very near future.

And since no one’s cards have been charged yet we feel now is the right time to make the move. Of course, that also means we’re saying goodbye to ALL the current Pledges…. in effect erasing all the support we’ve received so far for this album. Which is really a shame, because in our hearts we truly feel it’s one of the best works we’ve ever put together.

So we’re asking you as our fans: since you’ve Pledged for this next LP, PLEASE consider joining us on the new platform. It’s the exact same exclusives, one-of-a-kind experiences, and awesome bundles. The only difference is that it’s directly through US, the band, without anyone, even a crowdsourcing platform, in the middle. And if you re-order the album you’ll also get a NEW bonus 7-song demo collection instantly :)

We tried to make the new site familiar and in some ways better. We are working on getting all of the past updates up. AND get ready for a ton of updates with all the footage and audio we’ve got coming down the pipe from writing and recording over the past couple weeks!!

Thanks so much for supporting what we do guys. It’s SUPER scary to cancel the Pledge but it’s gotta happen. We trust you’ll follow us to this album’s next home! Again, that link is

xoxo and yikes!

The Dollyrots



Pics from the studio! Making it happen!

Hey guys!
Beaming this message to you from frigid but awesome Minneapolis! We’re currently holed up at our Producer John Field’s studio working out the initial arrangements for these tunes, check out the pics! And literally “picks”, the last one’s the bowl of guitar picks/plectrums we’re playing with and including in your Postcard Pledges etc!
More to come soon, we’re documenting this whole thing on video and will start putting that stuff together as soon as we can catch our breaths!
til then!
The Dollyrots



Packing up to fly to the studio!! Vid update!

Hey y’all!
Getting our ducks in a row to fly to Minneapolis to record this album, quick video update for ya!
Will send more from Minnesota! Thanks for helping make this all happen y’all!!
The Dollyrots



Making-of video! "Daisy's Song”

Hey Pledgers!
Excited for this update! The last week we’ve been frantically getting songs written for the new album and beaming demos off to our Producer John Fields in advance of next week’s recording sessions! Our flight is Monday evening all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota where John’s studio is located. The weather forecast says it’s gonna be like -10 degrees, we’re gonna need to get some scarves or spacesuits or something!

Anyway, about this demo…. when our son River was in utero we were in the middle of making “Barefoot & Pregnant” and wrote the song “Under the Same Sky” for him. Here we are 6 years later and decided it was a time for a track for our daughter Daisy. It’s just one guitar, kind of bare bones. Here’s a vid of us figuring out what key it’s going to be in. Not too high, not too low. Goldilocks :)

Not sure if it’s going to grow into something big and loud or get softer and quieter, but thought you’d like to see where it starts before it takes final form.

Speaking of “In Utero” – THIS JUST IN – one of the studios we’re recording at this time around is the same one Nirvana cut that album! We booked a couple special days just for drums there. Because, you know, those drums are GIGANTIC!

Much more coming up, we’ll update from the airport on our way to the frigid North!
Kelly & Luis – The Dollyrots



Writing a song! What should we call it??

Hey Pledgers!
Just a quick update with a vid showing part of our songwriting process. Sometimes we work the songs out acoustically, sometimes they’re done live, but most of the time we work up a rough instrumental with “nonsense vocals” and see where it goes from there :) Kelly got kinda caught by surprise with that part here haha!

What do YOU guys think this one should be about??

Also, we JUST booked flights to Minneapolis for recording dates in a couple weeks so it’s officially happening! Planning days with our Producer John Fields at his studio, with a couple days to cut drums at another REALLY awesome spot. More on that soon, you’re gonna love it, it’s got history!!

Thanks to everyone that’s hopped on board this LP, especially everyone who’s new to Pledge or our band!

Have an awesome weekend!
kelly & luis aka The Dollyrots



How we're creating the music! Plus a demo track!

Hey behbuhs,

We know lots of you are still busy holiday-ing and merry-making but we felt like it was time for an update! Many of you know us and how we make records happen but for anyone new we thought we would fill you in. When we were working on our self titled album Luis started to learn more about audio engineering and we upped our demo game. 5 albums later this is the way we build the songs and many times the final tracks too. As we write we record…. usually to a drum loop and then we do live drums last. Our goal is to have them all written and learned before we get to Minneapolis and then we will attempt to record the main parts guitar, vox, and bass alongside the drums. Check the vid for a rundown!

Please link those socials, tell your friends and family, share it on the socials…. you know the drill! Please and thank you!! We want to make this record super awesome and the better the Pledge goes the higher quality goodies we’ll be able to dish out!

With hugs and thanks!
k & L



Thank you Pledgers!! Awesome first day!

Well, you guys, you did it again. We are SO grateful and excited to get this project going! We had second thoughts about launching this thing around the Holidays; we know everyone’s spread super thin…. timing with studio stuff really wouldn’t have worked out otherwise…. but the dedication and love we’re seeing about this makes us know it’s the right way to go! Lots of writing coming in the next week, and we’ll post updates of that. Extra big thank yous to everyone that’s shared this on their socials, YOU are our promo company right now and we totally appreciate it! We’re ready to knock this out, get ready!!!
With mucho love,
The Dollyrots