Q - When will I get my stuff?

A - Typically you'll get your stuff within 2 weeks. Sometimes there might be a delay if we're in the studio or on tour but we will do our best to keep you informed if that's the case.


Q - Who packs my stuff?

A - Usually Kelly and Luis do the packing. They like to throw in extra goodies sometimes and you might get a thank you note if you're lucky! ;)


Q - I bought an autographed CD (or LP, Poster etc) can I have it personalized?

A - ABSOLUTELY! Just let us know who to write it out to in the notes at checkout or email store@dollyrots.com and we'll do it up special for you.
If not specified we just sign things, we can't read minds here and sometimes things are gifts so we don't want to assume.


Q - What if there's something wrong with my order?

A - Just send a message and we will make sure you're happy!